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Lipases: industrial biocatalysts for production of pharma intermediates and fine chemicals

The past decade has witnessed a heightened interest in exploring potential of enzymes for industrial organic synthesis. Chemically enzymes are proteins and functionally they are catalysts of biological systems (biocatalysts). Being catalysts, enzymes accelerate the rate of reaction by decreasing the energy of activation.

The high selectivity and specificity of enzymes make them valuable catalysts especially for synthesis of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals, where the demand for enantiomerically pure molecules is continuously increasing.

Enzymes (biocatalysts) are increasingly used in industrial organic synthesis. Lipases are eco-friendly, stereo-selective biocatalysts. They exhibit broad substrate specificity and catalytic versatility.

Moreover, lipase catalysed biotransformations are simple, do not require co-factor and are easy to scale-up. As a result, lipases have emerged as important industrial biocatalysts especially for production of enantiopure drug intermediates and fine chemicals.